About Us
Where Art Meets Marketing
The Philosophy Behind Our Brand
We believe that great marketing taps into the unconscious of human nature - uncovering people's dreams, desires, motivations, fears, likes, and dislikes.

It's through this deep dive into the "surrealistic" human mind
that we can evoke emotional resonance with your audience and
create great marketing strategies that makes every interaction you have with your potential customers surreal.

Where Art Meets Marketing
Our Team
The creative brains behind Surreal Digital
  • Ginny Wan
    Founder, Strategy & Creative Director
    A philosopher, an ex-art dealer (Christie's) and a serial entrepreneur who believes in building a creative culture that breathes mission & innovation and in wielding creativity for the greater good.
  • Ana-Maria Bivol
    Art Director
    An artist with an imaginative soul who left art school in Rome to pursue a career in graphic design - a game changing decision that allows her to make the digital world more beautiful. Previously, she has used her creative genius to scale multiple E-commerce stores' to millions in revenue while working in a US ad agency.
  • Rosen Dinchev 
    3D Artist & Video Editor
    The artist who changes dust into gold, rain into sun, and static images into jaw-dropping 2D and 3D animations. This Business & Film Double Major never ceases to surprise us with his incredible creative talent.
  • Emily Snow 
    Copywriter & Content Writer 
    With a MA History of Art degree from The Courtauld, she uses the power of words to craft stories so compelling that art collectors can't help but fall in love.
  • Carlota da Silva
    Video Editor
    A Film & Multimedia school graduate, this creative maverick transforms text ideas into scroll-stopping videos. In her part time, you can find her at film sets around Lisbon, turning her creative visions into the next blockbuster film.
  • Maria Jovic
    Google Ads Media Buyer
    This International Relations & Business Management graduate possesses a rare acumen to transform strategies into results & keywords into sales and enquiries. She has scaled companies at any stage - whether it's an emerging Silicon Valley Ecom startup or a multinational company like Flixbus. You can find her frequently in art exhibitions between her home town where Marina Abramovic grew up and Rome, where her heart resides.
  • Juan Campos
    Meta Ads Manager
    Our Meta Ads Media Buyer comes with a Theology degree. This specialist understands the universal and utilizes this understanding to draft campaigns that truly resonate with their target audience. He honed his analytical skills studying ancient scripts and philosophies, and now applies these to understand and predict trends in the digital space. His campaigns convert followers into believers, and believers into customers.

Where Art Meets Marketing
The founder, Ginny, has a BA in Philosophy from University College London and an MSc in Management from London Business School with a specialisation in digital marketing. Her school projects included devising digital marketing strategies for Ferrari, Moncler, and 2 London Startups.

She has previously worked at Christie's London and privately mediated negotiations between UHNW art collectors and art dealers in the secondary art market.

Seeing few digital innovations happening in the art business industry, she honed her digital marketing and advertising skills in the fast-paced world of E-commerce & tech. She previously worked for one of the largest digital advertising agencies in Europe, led over 20 clients’ accounts’ strategies, and oversaw $5M in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google ad spend at a profitable return.

Combining her experiences in growth hacking e-commerce brands and in art business, she founded Surreal Digital, a creative-first digital marketing agency for art galleries, artists, and innovative startups.
Founder's Story