9K to 10.6K IG followers in 2 Months
5 social media strategies we used to increase engagement and following for an NFT art gallery in London
  • 1600+

    New Followers
  • 140%+

    In Engagement
  • 23+

    Gallery partners & community members who rave about how epic our content is 
#1. Define the type of content that engages with your community (a.k.a content pillars)
We need to first define what are the content pillars that would
(1) Give value to existing community members & future community members => in this case, we tailor content to both celebrate the gallery's existing artists & also educate the community about web3, NFTs, and DAOs (Decentralised autonomous organisation) and why they are beneficial to artists

(2) Build social proof (i.e. why you can be trusted to give an opinion about the subject matter.)

(3) Drive our followers to act (whether it's to attend events IRL or through the metaverse, drive purchase decisions, or to become part of the DAO development)

By breaking down these content pillars, we fill them out in a visual grid - there needs to be a balance of all 3 types of content.

How to discover what type of content you need to be posting? Check out our next tip below.

#2. Spy on your competitors
Research your competitors' IG profiles and see what type of content resonates with their followers. Then you should have a rough idea on what type of content would resonate with your audience too, if you share similar customer avatars.

If you are an NFT art gallery, you'd want to research both direct and indirect competitors - whether it's other NFT art galleries, NFT marketplaces, famous NFT artists, or NFT influencers.

After the research, you should find a pattern of similar content types that a few accounts use that consistently generate great results for them. Note them down in a competitor analysis content sheet.
#3. Use Reels To Grow
How to make viral Reels that could generate likes even MONTHS after it's been posted? Here are our tips:

Use Viral Trend & Trending Music: Check out what videos are trending and made it to the IG explore page in your niche. Use the trending music and format from there.

Include an Attention-Grabbing Hook: in order to stand out, add a personal touch that makes it unique and original. The first few seconds of the video are key to capturing the audience's attention so it is important to make them stand out from the beginning.

Make Them the Right Size: the optimal video size is 1080 x 1920 pixels. This allows viewers to see a video at the maximum resolution, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. This means your video should be recorded vertically/

Include Text in Your Video When Relevant
It is estimated that more than 80% of Instagram users watch videos without sound , whether they are Stories or Reels. So, it's a very good idea to add captions or text that can help viewers understand the content without audio.

Center Text in the Middle So That It's Viewable in Grid Mode: Since Reels can be accessed and watched from the "Reels" tab or the In-Feed view, it is important to always make sure to place your text in the middle of your video , the "safe zone", so that it won't be cut off.

Grab attention with an eye- catching cover image: Select a photo that captures your video’s overall message and makes scrolling Instagram users want to stop and watch. Also, do your best to hook your audience quickly—the first three seconds are key to grabbing attention.

Use Instagram account tags, hashtags, and geotags: tags are effective search tools that make your Instagram account more discoverable, as users can follow hashtags, view account tags, and search geotags and hashtags. When used correctly, posts with tags receive more engagement—an average of 12% more from audiences
#4. First Impressions Matter - refresh your Bio & Highlights To Build Social Proof
Have you heard of the 5-second test?

It's a website usability test. After a viewer lands on a website for just 5 seconds, the viewer make a decision of whether to stay on the website or not.

The same principle applies to your IG profile - refresh your bio & highlights to be branded, unique, and tell the story of you and your brand in a few highlights.

#5. Inject your USP (Unique Surreal Positioning) into social media
Long gone are the days when boring benefits-focused marketing dominate the market, the brands that dare to stand out and be a bit different and alternative allow them to attract the RIGHT audience. Think RTFKT studio, Yuga Labs, and MSCHF, etc. - their marketing stunts would usually be snubbed by business school marketing professors, but these creatives are the true genius marketing minds that seduce the crowd with their very surrealistic offerings.
MSCHF, Museum of Forgeries 
"Possibly Real Copy Of ‘Fairies’ by Andy Warhol"
For Artsect, it's the techno-shamanist inspired spiritual culture of people uniting and sharing ideas into a DAO collective that make them different. So we injected some of these ideas into the soul of social media.

We posted reflective, spiritual content related to on the New Moon and the Full Moon each month.
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