How To Never Run Out Of Creative Content Ideas

First Stage

Analyze Your Target Customer Like A Psychoanalyst

Find out your target customers’ psychographics with questions such as:

  • What makes them tick?
  • What are their core values & beliefs?
  • What causes them to become anxious?
  • What are their ideal experiences?
  • What are they nostalgic about from the past?
  • What do they find funny/entertaining?
  • What do they find dangerous/risky in their lives?

So how do you go about finding the answers to these questions?

The best way is to interview your target audience and just ask them. Once you have interviewed a sample of them, a pattern tends to emerge.

Another way is to "stalk" them on social media (Instagram/Reddit/Facebook groups, etc..)

Check the brands they follow, restaurants they go to, influencers they follow, newsletters they subscribe to, books they read, and memberships they belong to.

You should be able to infer the core needs and desires of your target audience from these information sources.

Second Stage

Steal Some Ideas

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”
- Picasso
Even Picasso confesses that great artists won’t be great unless they “steal” inspirations from those who came before them.

Indeed, if there are ideas that have been done before and worked, why not steal them (if there's no infringement on IP rights)?

Your competitors have spent a fair amount of money testing what worked and what didn’t work, so stealing their “secret sauce” could surely lend you competitive advantages.

Check their oldest running ads in the Facebook Ad library.

Is there a particular angle that has been working really well for them?

Is there a particular style of creative that your competitors have consistently used?

If yes, then try incorporating some of those ideas into your own creatives.

Inspirations also don’t have to come from your competitors.

You can “steal” inspiration from everywhere, from music videos from the 1990s, conceptual art, literature books, art-house movies from the 60s, to conversations with friends at a house party.

The world is your oyster. Inspirations are everywhere.

Below is a sample inspiration from a music video (Breakbot, Baby I'm Yours)

Third Stage

The Road Not Taken - Time For Some New Inventions!

Drop everything related to brainstorming behind and let your mind wander. Really wander…

Go for a walk. People-watch. Read a book unrelated to whatever you are brainstorming about.

You need to prime yourself to be in a relaxed state in which your creativity “flows.” New ideas will come to you when you least expect them to!
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