3 Tips On How to Make UUGC (Unique User-Generated Content), not just UGC (User-Generated Content)!

#1 Partner with Creative Influencers

Instead of sweating about how to create creative content yourself, you could reach out to influencers who could do it for you.

But how can you make sure that the influencers you reach out to can generate truly creative content, with the potential to go viral?

Here are some questions you can keep in mind when sorting through an influencer’s profile feed:

1) Does the influencer consistently create content that immediately gets emotional reactions out of me?

2) Does the influencer consistently include pattern-breaking ideas in her videos? (Good article on pattern breaking:

These types of influencers would be hard to find, since creating such content require a lot of creativity, which is rare. But you could aim to reach out to a few, because if the content has viral potential, then the ad would have viral potential! (And saves your video editors a lot of work as well!)

#2. Create UGC From The Comforts of Your Company - EGC (Employee-generated content)

The juiciest stories can be from your own company!

Share your founder's story - why and how you started the brand.

Share behind the scenes how your products are made and crafted.

Share a tour of your warehouse or office.

Share your employees’ testimonials on why they love working for you.

Below is a sample founder's video from Lume Deodorant which has generated 13M+ views!

Why do EGCs work?

EGCs uncover the value and stories behind your brand. They show that behind the products customers use, there are real people.

Real people who shed blood and tears every day to make their products better and to make their customers happier.

When customers see your stories and see your brand transparency & authenticity, they will relate not just to a product, but to real human beings.

Your brand becomes not just another product your customers occasionally use, but a vision that they believe in and support.

#3. Test different ways of presenting your testimonials

Don’t know how to spice up your testimonial ads?

Here are some testimonial ideas from Pranamat, a brand that cleverly leverages UGC and testimonials.
UGC Mash-up with PR Mentions Example
UGC Mash-up Example
Single UGC Testimonial Example

Why do UGC mash-ups work?

Research shows that customers read an average of 10 reviews before purchasing. That means that customers only trust the brand after reading other customers' experiences.

In one UGC mash-up ad creative, you are able to combine your customers' testimonials into one ad and convince your prospect right away.

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